Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slows BBQ Detroit

Ok so I have been extremely busy and had my sister in town and many parties to go to last week and this week so I will have nothing to blog about. Then the fabulous Monica (my big fat mediterranean food blog) suggested restaurant reviews!!!

So apparently many people knew about this place and neglected to tell me. Slows in Detroit (by old Tiger Stadium) is amazing. The food was great and reasonably priced, the service excellent, the atmosphere really cool... but there is a long line out the door! Matt had the pulled pork, cornbread and mac&cheese... I am not much of a meat eater and had the Charles Bronson salad and mac&cheese. All of it was amazing, super filling, and we had leftovers!

Rules for going to Slows:
1. Expect to wait in line unless you can sit at the very nice bar.
2. Check out the bathrooms (because they are cool)
3. Get the mac & cheese... seriously.
4. Recommend it to a friend.

So overall score: 10!


monica said...

The mac and cheese is to die for! I had the ribs, and they were fab, too.

MCAC said...

I lived there for 7 years and no one told me of this place?

And I found out from a blog I had to stumble upon?

I feel like a stranger all of a sudden!

lol. :)