Friday, August 1, 2008

Hot Mess Chicken

Sorry, I got a little fancy with this one. But almost all of the things in this recipe I have around the house (besides the basil). It is a a little messy to put together and the pan is a little messy when you are done... but it is worth it! I served it with some Green Giant Shopeg White Corn in Butter Sauce (frozen) and some blueberries and grapes.

Hot Mess Chicken
Serves: However many you can fit on the pan

-Large skinless boneless chicken breast
-Thick sliced bacon
-Red Onion
-Fresh Leaf Basil
-Small can petite diced tomatoes
-Provolone Cheese

1. Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Yup.
2. Get a baking sheet that has edges and line it with foil (easier clean up!). Then take a rack from your toaster oven and put that on top of the foil so there is a gap. Or if you wanna be all 'top chef'... just use a broiler pan =)
3. Take a chicken breast and put it between some plastic wrap and pound it with a meat mallet. Or a big can of beans will work! Not too thin... maybe like an even half inch. Or if you wanna get crazy and skip the next step... pound it out into a really big flat piece that is about a quarter inch thick.
4. If you stuck with the half inch option, take a knife and slit the chicken open (parallel with the countertop) and open it like a book. Don't cut it all the way open.
5. Lay in some provolone, a handful of diced red onion, a couple spoonfuls of tomato, and a few leaves of basil.
6. Fold up the chicken. Now lay out 3-4 slices of thick sliced bacon and put the chicken in the middle. Wrap the ends of bacon up over the chicken and overlap them. Secure with a toothpick. Try and cover most of the open seam to keep the goodies in.
7. Place on the rack or broiler pan. I like to pour some italian dressing all over it, but that's up to you. Put in the oven for about 30-35 minutes. The bacon should be pretty crisped and the chicken cooked thru. Yummm.

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