Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grilling Tip

Exhibit A

Ok I have no idea who ever invented the "let's put everything alternating on one skewer because it looks pretty".... but they are an idiot. I am sure many of you know this already but it is much better to group your foods (veggies, potatoes, meats) on seperate skewers so that you can ensure everything cooks properly and isn't under or overdone. Yes it is possible that some meats (like shrimp) will grill at the same rate as some veggies, but it is much easier to cook it all seperately. Avoid the temptation of the beautiful alternating skewers!! Save yourself...!!!!!!

1 comment:

monica said...

*raises hand* I'm pretty sure it was the idea of my people.

I still alternate to flavor the meat with said vegetables (usually onions and peppers) and vice versa. My family would probably disown me if not. ;)

Looks delish! I'm always a fan of shish kebob. Other good marinades: merlot for beef (overnight); and lemon, garlic, and paprika (as always) for chicken. Nom!