Monday, May 11, 2009

Mojito Punch

My mom is the punch queen. Problem with that... the queen doesn't use any recipes. She always tells me the ingredients and says "I dunno, just mix it til it tastes right". This is one of those recipes.... good luck! =) This is definitely trial and error. I personally dislike lime, so I can't really tell you if this is anything like a mojito or if it is any good haha.

Mojito Punch
Serves: a party

-1 can frozen limeade
-club soda
-drops of mint extract
-lime slices and mint leaves for garnish
-light rum if you want to make an alcoholic punch

1. Dump in the mostly thawed limeade. Add a bottle of club soda and a couple drops of mint extract. Taste. Repeat as necessary until "it tastes right".

2. Add the rum, lime slices, and mint leaves as desired.

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