Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boyscout Pizzas

These are so easy I am almost embarassed to blog about them! Matt used to eat these in boyscouts and I remember them from being a kid. Every once in awhile we get a craving for them. I really like to make them because they can bake in the toaster oven, my favorite kitchen appliance! So nice when it is hot out and you don't want to heat up the oven.

Boyscout Pizzas

1. Preheat toaster oven to 350 degrees.

2. On a toaster oven pan, split 2 or 3 (however many will fit) english muffins and lay on pan.

3. Spread on a couple spoonfuls of your favorite pizza or spaghetti sauce.

4. Add lots of shredded mozzerella cheese.

5. Dice up whatever toppings you like. Smaller pieces are better when working with a small pizza! We used pepperoni, onion, green and red peppers, and mushrooms. Basically anything you want. Sprinkle the toppings on.

6. Add a little more sauce on top and sprinkle with a little extra italian seasoning.

7. Bake until melty and crunchy... about 10 minutes.

Serves: 2 halves per person.

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