Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Party Punch

Gotta have a yummy punch to wash down all the baby shower goodies! My mom is the queen of party punches.... the secret? Just start mixing! Taste along the way and adjust as necessary.

Party Punch
Serves: about 20

Mix together the following:
+1 bottle cranberry pomegranate
+1 can frozen lemonade
+1 can frozen orange juice
+3 cans water (from juice cans)
+1 bottle (can) pineapple juice
+1/2 bottle 7-Up

To keep it cold in the bowl, make a pretty ice ring! Get a cool jello mold or a bundt cake pan and fill with the blended punch or just plain 7-Up. You can add slices of fruit too. Make sure to freeze overnight. Don't make the ring too big to fit in the bowl! Enjoy.

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Mrs.CFH2 said...

Is this really good? I need a good go to punch recipe. I like when it has a little zing to it...and I don't mean the alcohol part. But that is ok too.