Sunday, September 14, 2008

Semi-Club Sandwich

This is just plain quick and easy. We like to have our version of a club sandwich any time we have leftover bacon from breakfast the day or two before. Not much of a recipe, but hopefully it is something that you don't have too often but will now that you remember it exists! We had ours with leftover fruit salad and french fries.

Semi-Club Sandwich
Serves: 1 sandwich per person

1. Test your multi-tasking skills and do the following:
-Pop a hamburger bun into the toaster
-Slap some slices of ham, turkey, and bacon on a plate and throw them in the microwave
-Tear up some lettuce
-Slice up some red onion

2. Take the bun out, throw the meat on. Put a slice of cheese on while the meat is warm to make it melt. Put the lettuce and onion on top. Add mayo or other condiments as you see fit.
3. Nom it.

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