Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Cooking Blog

Here are some things you should know about me as a "chef":

1. I have "Shelly's Rules". I will throw these out at random. They are kinda like those beer commercials with the "Man Laws".

2. I don't really like to measure things. So if you see a recipe with "about" or "approximately"... you really don't have to be exact. A lot of times I use the "until it looks right" approach. Hopefully that won't frustrate you. I once heard that "Baking is a science, and cooking is an art". That basically means that you do have to measure correctly for baking, so I will try to be specific in that area.

3. I am wordy. I throw out lots of comments in my recipes, like preferred brands of products. I hope it helps someone.

4. A lot of my recipes aren't 100% homemade. I work full time, I don't have time to be Suzy Homemaker... so I like the semi-homemade approach.

5. I am really picky. You won't see a huge variety of recipes on here. Matt and I generally don't eat seafood, and I am not into a ton of red meat. But if you like starches and desserts, I'm your gal!


Anonymous said...

Great job and your cookie recipe is making me HUN-GRY!!! I soo need to make choco chip cookies STAT!
Cant wait see more yummy recipes!

Mom said...

I think you need to move back home and cook for me!