Friday, November 21, 2008


Matt wishes me a Happy Birthday!

Molly & Carl's Gibson wishes me a Happy Birthday

Lindsay & Keith's Kodi wishes me a Happy Birthday

Well my 27th birthday was yesterday. We went to Hunan Garden at 10 Mile and Telegraph in Southfield. It has kind of been our spot for many years. It is quiet, the staff is super nice, and the food is great. Matt had his Almond Boneless Chicken and I had the Szechuan Chicken... both amazing as always. I love going there because you get chips thingies and sauce, tea, entree, white or fried rice, eggroll, soup, and a little scoop of ice cream with your fortune cookie for about $10 each. Can't beat that!


Lindsay said...

YAYYYYYY happy birthday to youuuuuuu :)

Pete said...

I'm a horrible friend!

Glad you had a happy birthday!!!